The Global Sixties

New York University Abu Dhabi, Spring 2012 / Fall 2014 / Spring 2017
Arts and Humanities Colloquium / History Elective


This course explores the artistic and intellectual avant-gardes, counter-cultures and protest movements of the 1960s and the early 1970s from a global perspective, assessing their impact on individual identities, social and gender hierarchies, domestic politics and international relations during the Cold War.

It traces the history of the various protest movements and the plethora of national experiences with respect to domestic and transnational networks of dissent as well as global imaginaries. Taking into account the aesthetics and performativity of protest, the course examines the role of cultural practices, action repertoires, the media, visual representations, lifestyle and fashion, the politics of memory, and the impact of dissent on political decision-makers and society at large.

Course materials will draw on the most recent historiography, as well as literature, film, art, music and oral history.