(Structures of Thought and Society)

International Day of Peace 2012, United Nations, New York
International Day of Peace 2012, United Nations, New York

New York University Abu Dhabi, Spring 2013/Fall  2013 (CORES-AD 27W)
Core Curriculum Course

Sunday/Monday, 2.35-3.50
DTC, N-109

Peace Writing Workshop
Wednesday, 2.35-3.50
DTC, N-112

Research Guide


“Non-Violence”, United Nations, New York
“Non-Violence”, United Nations, New York

This course traces the development of philosophical, religious and secular theories of peace from antiquity to the present. It explores questions of peace and justice, nonviolence, the idea of a “just war,” as well as notions of peace in international relations, economics, and psychology, examining how those spurred peace activism and the ideology of pacifism.

To that end, students analyze literary, visual, and organizational representations of peace across national and cultural boundaries and the emergence of peace and conflict studies as an academic discipline.

Readings include works by Laotse, Thucydides, St. Francis of Assisi, Immanuel Kant, Henry David Thoreau, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Mohandas Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., A.J. Muste, Johan Galtung, Alma Myrdal, and Petra Kelly, among others.