Out Now: “Nuclear Threats, Nuclear Fear & the Cold War of the 1980s”

Edited by Eckart Conze, Martin Klimke, and Jeremy Varon
New York: Cambridge University Press, 2017

This book brings together cutting-edge scholarship from the United States and Europe to address political as well as cultural responses to both the arms race of the 1980s and the ascent of nuclear energy as a second, controversial dimension of the nuclear age.

Diverse in its topics and disciplinary approaches, Nuclear Threats, Nuclear Fear and the Cold War of the 1980s makes a fundamental contribution to the emerging historiography of the 1980s as a whole. As of now, the era’s nuclear tensions have been addressed by scholars mostly from the standpoint of traditional security studies, focused on the geostrategic deliberations of political elites and at the level of state policy. Yet nuclear anxieties, as the essays in this volume document, were so pervasive that they profoundly shaped the era’s culture, its habits of mind, and its politics, far beyond the domain of policy.

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